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Updated: Jun 11, 2019


The local Eggman, like the miller, is one of the corner stones of The Bakehouse Cafe and fundamental to our Slow Food menu, vision and operation. Aside from our vegan friends, for most food cafes and bakeries, the humble local Egg supplied consistently is a valued and sometimes spectacular ingredient in most local menus.


Nick Rodway is the Bakehouse Eggman and has been long before all our hairs were grey. Nick, with his long-term partner Pam, has dreamed, created, managed and developed Wester Lawrenceton Organic Farm for the last 25 years, an award winning and respected local food enterprise.

3-4 times a week, as farmers of old, Nick comes down from the hills with a rattling car load of Eggs, heritage vegetables, flowers, herbs and sundry goodies including the most delicious apple juice.

Eggs on trays for our fresh food kitchen, Eggs in boxes for local and passing cooks, Eggs to be cracked by our bakers into the daily scone mix, and then there are the Eggs for our Eggs Benedict - a menu legend. Even, according to one local reviewer, they produce the best Egg roll in the world.

Extra large double yolked Egg.

Wherever they go, plates are wiped clean, cakes enriched, and our scrambled Eggs are golden. The extra large, double yolked Eggs are always a simple pleasure to discover.

So what makes these Eggs so special? Of course the hens are treated like family, the small huts are cosy and nurturing, even the breath-taking views of the Moray coast is theirs to enjoy. James the rooster has a particularly proud strut.

Then there is the organic quality feed and associated procedures of care and welfare. You can be sure that the high legislated standards will always be added too. A little more corn here, a little more room on the perch there.

It is in these such caring gestures of a producer that help make Nicks Eggs extra special. Perhaps a happy farm and happy hens does make for fantastic Eggs. The diversity of wildlife and insects, the aroma of rich earth and an abundance of produce from soil, bush and tree would indeed be a dream for many foodies.

Moving between the plots, greenhouses and animals is Nick. Welcoming, knowledgeable, supportive and unfailingly courteous.

Nick has been a pillar of the local food, slow food and organic food networks for decades and has been an inspiration for so many of us.

On behalf of the Bakehouse and all who enjoy his work. We thank you Nick. We are so glad you are our local Eggman.



Local organic free-range Eggs

Sold in The Bakehouse Cafe in boxes of 6 or deliciously served fried, scrambled or poached with, local organic greens and freshly baked bread from our bakery.


The Bakehouse will serve around 50,000 fresh, local, sustainable, healthy, ecological, versatile, economical golden Eggs this year. Thank you Nick, Pam and James (Rooster) et al.

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