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Evolution of the Bakehouse

Information on how the Bakehouse has evolved to best support the community as we collectively adapt to these new times, procedures and challenges.

Communication & Information


Facebook –

We are sending out info & updates to the FF (, NFA, Forres council and other local sources.

In Person:

Findhorn - Bakehouse Bulletin Board

Retain Bulletin Board

Phoenix Shop (bakery section & front desk)

FF Community Office

Local foods hubs will have info boards as they come into action.

Bakehouse Website:

Long term structure and services, trading information, policies, links and information.

Bakehouse Facebook:

Daily updates, including: today’s soup, appeal if we’ve run out of yeast, 101 ways to cook kolrabi etc.

Retain (via Bakehouse):

Intention is a physical and virtual local food resource contact for information, support, education, cooperation etc.

Roll of Honour

In the world of change and challenge that has engulfed us all there are a number of individuals and organisations that have really stepped up for us. Our gratitude and appreciation goes out to:


Sam the Man

Colin Check the Details Broon

Board Mark

Golspie Flour Mill

Highland Wholefoods Cooperative

Suma Co-op

MacLeod Organics

Gateau Regal

Roots, Fruits, Karin & Patrick

Wester Hardmuir

Tony the Salad

Wester Lawrenceton Farm

Phoenix Shop & Staff

Rizzas of Huntly

Findhorn Village Store

Gordon & Car Share

Martin & the Payment Crew

Jules & the Cullerne Garden Faeries

Kirsty & The Teeny Weeny Farm

and anyone we have mistakenly forgotten…

Our team of food delivery drivers who enable local people an opportunity to eat high quality local food and support local food producers and the economy.

You our customers & stakeholders for your support, trade and random acts of kindness. And of course - the wonderful Bakehouse team who are doing huge amounts of work and effort to keep the show on the road.

Community Food Kitchen

The Bakehouse café kitchen is now open to serve our customers and community. We will offer a limited range of hot food to pick up/take away everyday.

For now this will be available for breakfast and lunch, from 10am -3pm, and if demands exists - evenings from 5 – 7 pm. Our menu will be simple and nutritious, and where possible utilising our local food supply.

The kitchen will be subsidised by the trading activities of the bakery and food market. Pricing will be on an ability to pay, so no one need go hungry.


At this time the kitchen is staffed by current and former Bakehouse kitchen staff. We will need volunteer support at some time. We will let you know when we are in need.

Please note that all of our packaging is either home compostable or biodegradable. We will take returns of packaging as situation develops or if people do not have their own facilities.


A daily soup, porridge or hot drink is available free of charge to any public servant working in the village, e.g Police, Nurses, Bus Drivers, Postie etc. Please let them know if they have come to serve you.

Local Food Delivery

As we individually and collectively move from reduced to restricted movement, time to put the next level of service in place.

Increasingly our focus is now on how to move local food from the producers to you, with the least possible contact or movement.

As best we can we are establishing food hub/customer pick up points located at or near our main producers around the local area. This will enable us to go and return daily/weekly as efficiently as we can. It will also maximise local food trading and give you the best choice of produce. We hope to offer this service in cooperation with Findhorn Village Store and Phoenix shop at Findhorn Park. You will be able to pay and order in a variety of formats.

From this weekend we can offer limited home delivery for our bakery and produce on the peninsula. This service will evolve as need/demand develop.

David & Jan


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