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The Bakehouse Cafe


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Pizza Nights Are Back!

(Takeaway only at the moment. Please call to book your slot.)

We Bake Fresh Homemade Pizzas!

Friday & Saturday //  5:00pm - 7:00pm


Get set for your pizza night feast. Walk in and collect your savory delights or sit-in & enjoy glass of organic wine with our smooth bakehouse evening atmostphere, as the smell of fresh baked pizzas drifts through the air around you. 


Have a read of our fresh baked pizza menu. Take note of the ones you would like to order. Call us let us know of your decision. (If you did not let us know while booking.)

The sooner we have your order the more likely we will have fresh ingredients available.


Make the decision to have a tasty pizza night. Give us a call or walk in during the day to book your slot.

We work with this booking system as we can only make 6 a maximum of pizzas Every 15min as there that fresh.

How to place a delicious order?

Book Now: 01309 691826 

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