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The Market

The Bakehouse Market came to fruition at the beginning of 2020. After years of being a café, we adapted with the times to start supplying our local community with a variety of fresh, organic and sustainably sourced produce while still offering a small menu of delicious takeaway options.

Bakehouse shelves 3.jpg


The fresh produce we offer is as local and organic as possible, we use suppliers from the Moray to stock most of our fresh vegetables. For more exotic items we strive for we go for sustainable and organic sources. 

bakehouse shelves 2.jpg


As well as local organic vegetables, we also stock a large range of Organic dry goods from suppliers such as Suma, Essentials and Highland Wholefoods.

bakehouse shelves 2.jpg


Each morning we get a fresh selection of our delicious Findhorn Bakery Breads. Along with the breads the bakers give us a selection of sweet treats from fruit scones to Strueselschnecke a traditional sweet bread from Germany. 

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